Davis Family
June 2017 | Gilbert Riparian Preserve
Pastel colors and unbearable Phoenix temperatures could describe this family's summer session. With 15 members in all, you could say we had our own little party! The kiddos couldn't quite get over the heat, but thank goodness we brought wet washcloths and bottles of water. Their parents even coaxed smiles from them with fruit snacks, so no I'm not above bribery. 
All in all, the Davis family was excellent! We found ourselves chasing the last bit of sunlight as they felt more inspiration and creativity to get that next shot. I absolutely loved seeing them get into it as much as I was.
It was a pleasure capturing this family and giving them memories to last generations! Want to know a little secret? We all grabbed pizza after! Now, that's a great client. (wink, wink)
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